Sesx2Sesx - Append 2 Audition Sesx session files

This utility will allow you to select any two Adobe Audition Sesx session files (version 5.5 or later) and append one to the other to create a new sesx file.

The resulting sesx session file will contain exactly the same detail as the original files with the exception of only a single video track and metronome track.

We have created this conversion utility because we believe that it will be extremely useful to other Adobe Audition users.
We are offering this application as 'donationware' so if you find it useful, please do show your appreciation for our efforts by making a generous donation.

Sesx2sesx is a PC program but should run just fine under emulators like Wine for Mac & Linux users (winetricks)

Download Sesx2Sesx
Version 1.07 (29/02/2020)
Sesx2Sesx Update Log

* Please take the time to show your appreciation and support for our efforts by making a donation *

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